Welcome to the page of the Chemical Management Section (CMS)! Our section has the following mandates under Title II of RA 6969:

◘ Inventory of chemicals and chemical substances currently used in, manufactured in, and imported to the Philippines, and update the Philippine Inventory of Chemical and Chemical Substances (PICCS).

◘ Update the list of chemical substances that DENR-EMB determines to pose potentially unreasonable risk to public health, to work place, and to the environment, then register importers, users, and manufacturers of these chemicals through the Priority Chemical List (PCL).

◘ Evaluate the safety of notified new chemicals and chemical substances by requiring prior notification of new chemical substances to be manufactured in or imported to the Philippines; developed a Pre-Manufacture Pre-Importation Notification (PMPIN) process and procedure.

◘ Regulate, limit, gradually phase out, or ban those chemical substances that are determined to pose unreasonable risks to public health and environment through issuance of Chemical Control Order (CCO).

◘ Educate and inform the public on the hazards and unreasonable risks in the manufacture, handling, storage, transport, processing, distribution, use and disposal of toxic chemicals.

Chemical Management Section
Environmental Quality Managament Division
Environmental Management Bureau

Draft Policies for Public Comments

1. Chemical Control Order for Benzene
2. Chemical Control Order for Vinyl Chloride

You may send comments for the drafts to chemicals@emb.gov.ph