A new tool can now be accessed at the Online Permitting and Monitoring System website (opms.emb.gov.ph). The Environmental Management Bureau has developed the PICCS Tool.

The EMB created the Tool for PICCS Validation and RA 6969 Requirements (also known as PICCS Tool) to help importers, distributors, users and manufacturers with regard to clarifying which permit they need to get from the Bureau. With the tool, clients can input the chemical components themselves and produce a certificate. 

To use, the applicant should first register an account at the OPMS website. After verification, the applicant will be able to log-in and use the permitting tools on the left side of the screen.

To use the PICCS Tool, first click “PICCS Tool” at the left side of the screen. Apply for a new PICCS Request. One by one, add the chemicals you want to clarify; please use the valid chemical name or the CAS Registry Number. Afterwards, click “Validate with PICCS”. You should then be able to open and print a document that evaluates what permit you will need to apply for (if any).